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Capital Campaign


The dream has finally become reality! The August Wilson Center is now open to the public. However, although the building is complete, we are still in need of funds to finish paying for construction of the facility.

The August Wilson Center is in the "final phase" of its capital campaign. The Center has been fortunate to receive such generous support from local, regional and national individuals, corporate and foundation entities and state and federal government caucuses and agencies.

It is our mission to preserve, present, interpret, celebrate and shape the art, culture and history of African Americans in Western Pennsylvania and people of African descent throughout the world. In order to fulfill our mission, we need to raise enough funding to cover the cost of construction so that the Center can continue offering dynamic and multifaceted programming to the community.

To fully serve the community, we need your help. Please consider making a donation to the August Wilson Center's building fund. All monies raised will be applied towards the construction costs of our new facility.

In addition, to your gift, the August Wilson Center has received three Challenge Grants, including two in support of our African American Community Campaign, to help us secure our Capital Campaign goal, as well as to stimulate financial support from the community.

Deciding How Much To Give

Deciding how much to give to the August Wilson Center Capital Campaign is a very personal decision. It depends on how you answer the following important questions.

  1. How important is the August Wilson Center to the cultural diversity of the region?
  2. How committed are you to preserving, presenting and celebrating the art, culture and history of African Americans in Western Pennsylvania?
  3. What is your financial capacity to give to the August Wilson Center Capital Campaign over the next two years?
Once you have thoughtfully answered these three questions, and considered the information and giving guidelines below, we are confident that you will make a generous pledg. . . a pledge that is significant to you and that gives you the satisfaction of knowing it reflects your personal values.

Collectively, our gifts will secure the future of the August Wilson Center for generations to come. To reach our goal we need many large gifts but we need even more smaller gifts. No pledge is too small - if it is truly meaningful and significant to you as someone who loves and is committed to the August Wilson Center. Every pledge helps preserve the Center and its future.

Suggested Sources for Your Gift

There are many ways to think about how to make a donation or fund your pledge to the August Wilson Center Capital Campaign. The August Wilson Center Development Office is available to help you explore, in a confidential manner, ways of giving that are within your means and reflect the kind of legacy you would like to leave.

When giving to organizations they care about, some people use money from savings or liquidated assets to fulfill their capital campaign pledge. A donation of appreciated stock can provide a charitable deduction while avoiding capital gains income. Others give from their annual income, which means they have some important decisions to make about how they spend their discretionary funds over the period of the capital campaign.

Capital Campaign Naming Opportunities

Large gifts may qualify for available Naming Opportunities throughout the August Wilson Center. If you are interested in discussing a naming opportunity gift, please call our Development Office at 412.338.8724.

Capital Campaign Pledge Fulfillment

Pledge fulfillment will take place over a five-year period from the time of your original pledge. You may make payments any time during that period. We will need significant Capital Campaign funds on hand before December 31, 2010 to receive the $1.2 million from our Kresge Foundation Challenge Grant. (Please see Challenge Grant Sheet for details)

Pledges to the capital campaign may be paid in a lump sum or in annual, quarterly, or monthly installments. Installments need not be equal. Monthly payments may be made by automatic electronic funds transfer (EFT) from your bank account.

If you plan to transfer stock to the August Wilson Center Capital Campaign, please contact the Development Office at 412.338.8724.

Recognition & Appreciation of Gifts

Every capital campaign gift will be respectfully honored. A list of donors will be posted and continually updated on the August Wilson Center Capital Campaign Donor Plague on the second floor main lobby, website and program books except those who wish to remain anonymous.

Thank You

Thank you for taking the time to read our campaign materials to consider how you can participate in the August Wilson Center for African American Culture Capital Campaign. As you reflect on what the August Wilson Center means to you, your family and friends, please consider what legacy you would like to leave for August Wilson Center visitors yet to come.

To learn more about the Capital Campaign and Challenge Grants, call the Development Department at 412.338.8724 or e-mail

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